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These mysterious relics can give those who know how to use them some amazing powers including changing the weather, boosting farming yields, and even opening a new world of gameplay for your Ibutsu. But the strongest power of them all is said to be its ability to generate Chi. Relics and the Chi they generate will play an important part of our ecosystem including access to many of our future collections as well as use within the games. You do not want to go to battle without one!

In the Ibutsu universe, relics were said to hold the secret of how to generate and harness the power of Chi, the vital energy that runs through all living beings.

Every relic will generate some CHI. There will be special relics that have yet to be unveiled being the most powerful, giving its holder enormous power within the Ibutsu Ecosystem.

Utility of Chi

Play our mini-games to win $APE and NFTs!
Summon your Icosa Pets using Chi!
  • Feed and evolve your pet with Chi!
Spend Chi in our Marketplace!
  • Mystery Egg Machine?!
  • Ibutsu Sparkling Water
  • Whitelist Shop
  • Ibutsu Merchandise + More!
Use Chi to forge your Ibutsu land!
  • Chi will help you find the treasures!
Empower your fighters in the Tatakai Tournament!
  • Stat boosts
  • Special powers

Namco Relic

aka Mission Relic

A rare relic which can connect the real world and the Namco meta-dungeon. People say that there are countless treasures left by the ancestor of the Ibutsu.

Activating the Namco Relic will allow you to send your Ibutsu on quests for a chance at finding massive rewards!

Mission Prize

Ibutsu Ore NFT
Kubz NFT or The Potatoz

Tenki Relic

aka Weather Relic

Tenki relic was said to pass down through generations that held the secrets to predicting the weather with unparalleled accuracy. Ibutsus would often seek Tenki relics before planting their crops or embarking on a journey.

Higher tier Tenki relics will have stronger weather-affecting abilities and may even have the power to turn some rain into sunshine.

Shukei Relic

aka Farming Relic

Ibutsu land was harsh, with long droughts and unpredictable weather. Ibutsus struggled to grow enough food to feed themselves, and many went hungry. With the help of Shukei Relic from the ancestors, Ibutsus improved many different ways of farming in other lands and had learned many secrets of the land.

Shukei Relic increases the farming reward for the paired Ibutsus. Higher the tier, higher the boost!

Senso Relic

aka War Relic

Ibutsu villages are constantly threatened by Okusu searching for loot. The villagers lived in fear and didn't know how to protect themselves against the Okusu’s pillaging ways.

Ancestors mentioned that there was a magical Senso Relic deep in the forest that had the power to protect them. It had the ability to repel any danger that threatened the safety of the village. However, if the Senso Relic had fallen into the wrong hands, tragedy may occur.

Paired with Okusu -> increases the chance of stealing.
Paired with non-Okusu -> decreases the chance of being stolen.

Mystery Relic

Coming Soon