Ibutsu NFT is a gaming based project that includes outer world beings and powerful Relics. Ibutsu NFT holders will have the ability to passively generate $APE daily and may enter a tournament which will include player-versus-player (PVP) style gaming. The second phase of the project will include pets which can also be introduced into the PVP tournament along with breeding. The Ibutsu collection involves an incentivized player economy where players can battle each other to climb to the highest rankings in tournaments and earn some of the highest value NFTs on the market. Multiple game experiences will be available such as the PVP game mode. Ibutsu’s gaming team is currently planning to develop the game modes and play-to-earn (P2E) experiences on the Otherside economy that will be announced in the near future. There will be a separate collection of Relic NFTs that will be claimable with $APE for Ibutsu holders. Relics can affect the Ibutsus $APE daily reward and help develop stronger attacks, defense, critical hits, elusiveness, health and speed as well as turning into reincarnated Ibutsu warrior.


On a planet millions of lightyears away lives the all-powerful and supernatural Ibutsus. These peculiar warriors are known all throughout the universe for their elemental superpowers, attributed to them through evolution and training. Each Ibutsu was given a Relic, in the shape of a book, at birth that named their destiny. Through training within the parallel universe, these Ibutsus became water-fighters, fire-warriors, earth-samurais, light-goddesses and even dark mages. Such elemental superpowers, coupled by their stamina and grace allowed them to be exceptional and unique fighters, some of the best across all parallel universes. Every 100 years they are challenged in their fighting abilities, at the Tatakai Tournament. Within the tournament battles, the Ibutsus have the opportunity to showcase their gladiator skills, often mercilessly beating their opponents to dust. The Ibutsus train long and hard for this exclusive tournament, by amassing the strength of their Relics through the collection of supernatural spells and abilities. Over time, the Ibutsus train and collect enough spells, allowing their Relics to grow in order to enhance their supernatural abilities by providing health, increased attacks and special abilities. The stronger the Ibutsu’s Relic gets, the better of a fighter they are. With enough intense training and spell casting, an experienced Ibutsu is able to obliterate any opponent they face. Yet, to reach such a level of expertise takes hard work and time. What is the worst thing that can happen to an Ibutsu, you may ask? The answer is simple- the loss of their Relic. With the Relic holding the Ibutsus’ destinies, superpowers and aids, the loss of the book leads to the loss of everything, including status, dignity and strength. The Ibutsu are truly mystical creatures, with fighting skills unlike no other- as long as they keep their ever so special Relic safe and strong.


Our mission is to create a community that engages in fun and rewarding PVP and P2E gameplay. We will be rewarding winners of Tatakai Tournaments with community voted NFTs. Community members will have the chance to vote to choose the NFT prize that will be available in the tournament. Voting will occur before the start of each tournament. This will ensure our community receives valuable assets that have benefits in the NFT space. Each Ibutsu can passively generate $APE daily within our ecosystem.

Warriors and Relics


Ibutsu are randomly generated warriors that can fight in Battle Royale and tournament style games. Your Ibutsu will be randomly generated to fall in one of the elemental categories below:

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Dark Energy

Your Ibutsu’s elemental affiliation determines their fighting style. Each warrior has their own ability to generate $APE passively daily; Once an Ibutsu is purchased, you have the opportunity to claim their Relic via $APE. In future updates, you will also have the opportunity to claim your Ibutsu’s pet which will have the utility of fighting alongside the Ibutsu in the Tatakai Tournament.


Each Ibutsu comes with a Relic, in the form of a book that names their elemental superpowers and fighting style. Relics must be claimed with $APE following the collection of each Ibutsu. There will be different tiers of relics; Elemental abilities include the fighter’s ability to use fire, light, earth, water and dark energy to their advantage. The Relic also determines health, attack, defense, speed and critical hit chance. In the future, warriors will have the ability to amass new abilities, allowing them to create new spells against opponents. By combining the Relic with the Warrior, it will turn into a reincarnated warrior which will generate a higher $APE daily. The Relic will also have the power to turn the reincarnated Ibutsus causing a new set of abilities to be explored! Relics will be available to view on the Tatakai Tournament Submission page, along with the Ibutsus you own.

Pets and Breeding

Pets will be introduced within future Tatakai Tournaments. They will be available for each genesis Ibutsu owner to claim via $APE. Pets will have special abilities and be able to fight alongside your Ibutsu. The utility of breeding will also be introduced for pets in the future as well. This will allow new pets to inherit certain elements and traits which can prove beneficial in future tournaments. Pets can be staked to generate $APE and unknown airdrops under certain conditions which will be used within the Ibutsu ecosystem. The economy and cost of breeding will be announced at a later date.

Genesis : 1000

Babies: ??? (Obtained via breeding)

Battles and Tournaments

There are two main play styles in which players can engage in: Battles and Tournaments.


We plan to build the Battles game mode within the Otherside ecosystem. These game modes will feature various PVP and mission style gameplay which will revolve around the $APE coin. More info will be released when Otherside creates more information available to projects who want to build within their ecosystem. A detailed outline will be presented in phase two of our roadmap


Tatakai Tournaments are routine occurrences that take place periodically. There will be a dedicated site to host tournaments. Tatakai Tournaments give players the opportunity to earn prizes, including various NFTs and Tokens. Entry to the first tournament is free; players may enter with no-entry fee but must have a warrior and a Relic. Entry to subsequent tournaments will require an entry fee, payable by the $APE token. Tatakai Tournaments will be taking place on our own game engine apart from the Otherside ecosystem.

Battle Statistics

The water element has increased advantage when battling fire. Fire elemental superpowers are stronger than earth. However, earth-powers possess a greater strength than water. Dark energy powers pose a strong threat against fire, earth and water, while light energy possesses the strongest force against dark energy. On the other hand, water and earth elemental superpowers outweigh light-powers. Light and fire elemental superpowers are considered equivalent in terms of strength.

Gameplay Rewards

A variety of rewards can be obtained through gameplay. Battles, minigames and mission style modes provide the player with an opportunity to win the $APE token, essential for subsequent tournament entrances. Tatakai Tournaments award prizes to top players. Top players can win popular NFTs and Tokens, varying each tournament.

Token and Tokenomics

We will not produce our own token as we believe that every token designed on its own, without external support, is destined to decrease in value. We will be choosing to use the $APE token because they have the most sustainable and growth derived ecosystem. This idea will bring multiple communities together and provide support and utility behind this token.

Actions to Implement Plan

We plan to accomplish our goals by making sure everyone on our team is fully doxxed. We have a strong team that we continually encourage to produce high quality work. We plan to accomplish the tournament aspect of our project by partnering with an in-house gaming developer that will be working alongside us throughout the project. This will provide us with the game development expertise needed to create an enjoyable interface. We believe in reinvesting the Ethereum earned back into this project. This will allow our early investors to receive benefits of increased value thanks to our investment ideology. Reinvestment will also provide the funding needed to execute our roadmap.

Merchandise and Products

We will be releasing a clothing line for our early supporters of the project. In the near future, we will be partnering up with some big brands to do collaborations. Stay tuned for upcoming updates

We are also in talks with a toy company brand who can make toys and action figures of our Ibutsu NFT. We will be planning to reward our NFT holders with these and spread the name of our brand across the world.

Roadmap and Completed Milestones

Phase 1: The minting of Ibutsu warriors begins! There will be 3333 Ibutsu warriors from various races available for mint.

Phase 2: At this stage, the $APE reward and distribution system will be introduced for Ibutsu holders. $APE will also be earnable in minigames designed for the community. Rewards are dependent on the holder’s Ibutsu fighter.

Phase 3: The minting of relics, purchasable with $APE for Ibutsu holders will begin. There will be 3333 relics up for grabs, belonging to different tiers of rarity in our ranking system. Tiers influence the relic’s ability to fortify the Ibutsu’s fighting skills! Also, relics can alter the fighter’s $APE rewards!

Phase 4: Pets will be introduced! Genesis pets can be purchased by $APE. Pets have the future utility of battling alongside Ibutsu fighters in tournaments

Phase 5: Tatakai Tournaments will be created and integrated on our own gaming engine and platform. This first tournament has no entry fee; only one Ibutsu and one relic will be required for entrance! The winners of the first Tatakai Tournament will be crowned as the leaders of our universe. High-value NFT prizes will be distributed to winners.

Phase 6: Ibutsu merchandise will be released. These items will be purchasable with $APE.

Phase 7: Ibutsu NFT will begin development on our purchased Otherside land. We will develop exciting forms of gameplay that yield rewards; all integrated within the Otherside ecosystem. Stay tuned for more details regarding our game development!


Founder: Evan Jordan Emmanuel

CEO: Kenchito

Marketing director: Ryan Jarvis

Social media director: Kristina Andresova

Developer: Yuval Yakubov

CFO: Gary Chan

Web Developer: Elton Emmanuel

CTO: Jason Maraj

Artist: Terence

Game developer: Wentan Huang

Creative Director: Mihalia Visaretiss


Bears Deluxe

Concluding Statement

We are glad to have your interest in Ibutsu NFT! Our team of dedicated individuals will ensure that we carry through with our long term planning in order to bring value to Ibutsu NFT. Our team comes from diverse walks of life; our team members have experience in business management, graphic design, finances and within various other realms as well. We are enthusiastic about transferring our acquired skills from such domains into this project. We are also enthusiastic about building a supportive Ibutsu community. We hope to create a tight-knit community that has several benefits to membership. With our diverse and skilled team, we are confident that we have built a group that can deliver. From our artist, to our gaming developers and all around, our team members are dedicated, enthusiastic and excited to work in creating and sustaining Ibutsu NFT. Here’s to creating exciting gameplay that continually provides you with valuable rewards and never-ending amusement! From our team at Ibutsu NFT to our NFT holders worldwide, Kazoku ni yōkoso (Welcome to the family)!